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Production of barrels

Бъчва We produce and repair oak, and acacian  barrels with a volume from 3 to 3000 liters.

Production of Vats(fermentation)


We produce Vats(fermentation) with a volume from  50 to 4000 litres.


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Our Team Our Team.

Technologi for producing oak barrels

The influence of oak on wine aging is determined by four main factors:

Species of oak, drying and sezonirane, method and rate of firing during the making of the barrel.

Of these factors, the greatest influence on climate of the nature of the oak plays burning process. Thus he became the most important factor affecting the flavors of wine.

Type of oak

Материал за бъчвиExperts say there are differences in the nature of the oak forests and other areas. What is the reason that? The main factor is the moisture in the soil that determines the growth rate of the tree, and hence its structure. Slower-growing forests are a source of oak with a finer structure. This affects the content of tannin and vanillin and letting them during the process of maturing wine in barrels. In terms of spices, age and height of the tree are also important. Very often it happens to be set quite large differences in the structure of the tree between the top and its base. Hooper also reported the type and width of annual rings and radial rays from the center of the shaft to the bark, all of which gives them information on the amount of vanillin and tannin.

Terroir and oak species affect tannin content. Usually there are more French oak tannins. The type of American oak, which is used exclusively for wine barrels, Quercus alba is the largest forests are located in Missouri. European oak used by coopers majority on both sides of the Atlantic, is presented with two types - Quercus robur and Quercus petraea. Quercus petraea hitting Europe with Russia, in Russia is significantly dominant Quercus robur. Still, the majority of the oak Quercus robur be used to make barrels for the spirits. For some time now the production of wine barrels from the Russian oak grows as Russia has the largest reserves of oak forests in the world, and the price of oak is lower. In the ranking of forest area after Russia rank U.S. and France.

Old South Mountain is a relatively large source of Quercus petraea. According to studies, the oak in our land is close to French oak and it is characterized by higher levels of tannins against the U.S.. Coopers from large U.S. companies first World Cooperage promote the quality of our oak began to work on a project for the imposition of so-called. Balkan oak.

The tree begins to dry as soon as abruptly. It could be lying on the ground, where abruptly, within a few months before being driven away in a woodworking shop. This is considered the source of drying. In the first half of hacking around the oak is damp, but after three months, it decreased by 20%. Under natural conditions, the oak is usually dried to between 14 and 16% moisture content. Logs are hygroscopic, increasing humidity in winter and in summer reduced.


Дъги за направа на бъчваSeasoning is the next phase. While the oak dries, the boards are amended to evaporate volatile substances, others are oxidized, but there is a microbiological activity, causing the destruction of certain substances and the establishment of others. Again, these changes were influenced by the conditions under which kept the oak. In humid environment will develop different kinds of mold and fungi on the surface. Some of them will penetrate into the oak and can cause rot and decay. Oak, which is stored outside and exposed to rain, you may lose some of its valuable components repair. It is believed that the longer sezonirane softens the character of the barrel made of this oak.




Изпичане на бъчваThe traditional method is associated with the use of open fire of wood logs, such as cooper rely on spices, which are separated by arches Burn victims to determine the desired degree of roast.

And use more modern methods such as barrel temperature, time of burning are monitored by computers.

During the firing, when the barrel is heated to a temperature different flavors are formed as heat penetrating into the boards, released components which are located at various depths in the wood. The surface temperature of the boards, the timing and degree of firing is influenced by the duration of sezoniraneto.

Studies confirm that tannins are most sensitive to heat and easily broken. With further increasing temperature, the sugars contained in the timber start to caramelized, so the flavor of the oak tree is transformed into a sweet aroma of spices. Follows degradation of lignin, resulting in vanilla flavor. At higher temperatures and degrees of roasting to achieve the rich flavors of almond, chocolate, coffee and so-called "smoke" flavors.




Time for burning





40 min

Нива на изпичане на бъчва




50 min




55 min




60 min

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