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Production of barrels

Бъчва We produce and repair oak, and acacian  barrels with a volume from 3 to 3000 liters.

Production of Vats(fermentation)


We produce Vats(fermentation) with a volume from  50 to 4000 litres.


Our Team

Our Team Our Team.


The workshop has the necessary equipment for developing production process. It sticks firmly to the production cycle, with which high quality of the products is assured. The main working materials, oak, delivered from the Varna, Veliko Turnovo and Preslav region, and also acacia are left to dry for about 18 to 30 months after previously hawing been manufactured. The rings in use аre galvanized or just black /ordinary/ depending on the client’s desire.
We use 4 types toasting: LT, MT, MT+, HT, which provide the high quality of our polishing.


We produce and repair:

Barrels with storage capacity 20 liters , 30l, 50l, 100l, 150l, 200l, 225l, 250l, 300l, 350l, 400l, 450l, 500l, 550l, 600l, и 1t.

Casks, butter shovels, kegs for brandy. In addition, we provide wide variety of wooden pots.

Barrelshop production

Our workshop  has a license for producing Bulgarian, French and USA barrels!

oak staves for barrels

We offer oak wood and oak staves for barrels.

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